The State of Henrietta in 2017

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This year has been a tremendous time for so many improvements and accomplishments in the Town of Henrietta.  The dedicated staff of town employees have been focused, Innovative and resourceful in achieving all of the goals of 2016.

Some improvements are easy to see, still others are never seen but extremely important to the foundation of our community.  Our town employees are a tremendous group committed to serving the residents of Henrietta.

We can’t thank them enough for their efforts.

They are truly A Team – Working together – For Henrietta.

What have they accomplished, and what are their goals for next year?

This is what they have accomplished.

  • Our New Henrietta Recreation Center
    • The building was completed ahead of schedule by 60 days
    • And was completed under budget by 1.2 million dollars.
    • The center includes
      • A state of the art Gynmasium
      • An elevated walking / running track
      • Dedicated gymnastics area
      • Community meeting rooms
      • and so much more
  • Henrietta’s Parks Department Accomplishments
    • Painted the exterior of 50% of the Town’s Buildings
    • Built a new fitness station at Lookup Park
    • Added additional walking trails to Breese Park
    • Renovated Roberts Cabin in Veterans Memorial Park
    • Created new bike racks for several town properties
    • New bathrooms in the Veterans Memorial Park
    • 24 additional planting beds for the Community Garden
    • Removed 160 dead trees from Veterans Memorial Park
    • Added a new fitness station to Lookup Dog Park
  • Town Clerk’s Office Accomplishments
    • Increased transparency by making all Board Workshop Minutes available on the web
    • Provided access to services by offering night and weekend hours
    • Web services expanded with online forms & payment options
  • Town Facilities
    • Completed an update to the 39 year old heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in our library.
    • Updates to the Town Hall’s Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and electrical service is currently being addressed.
    • New front door have been installed at the Senior Center for easier access and energy conservation.
  • Henrietta Highway Department Major Accomplishments
    • Paved and performed preventative maintenance to 12 miles of town owned roads
    • The Highway Team has made a tremendous contribution to the construction of the new Recreation Center helping to keep it on time and under budget.
    • Constructed 80 new parking spaces at Bushmen Cabin
    • Assisted in the removal of over 300 diseased trees in the town parks
    • Installation of a new town vehicle two-way radio system
  • Sewer and Drainage
    • Sewer and Drainage
    • Installed sewer and storm systems for the new Recreation Center
    • De-silted pond on Fitzpatrick Drive
    • Completed all the site work for the Recreation Center concrete pads
    • Flushed sanitary sewers along “restaurant row” (Jefferson Road from
      West Henrietta Road to East Henrietta Road)

And this planned for the upcoming year:

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  • New Commercial Business
    • Renovations to the Dome Arena
    • Riverwood Tech Campus
    • Rochester Regional Health
    • Empire Soccer Building
    • Dorschel Infinity
    • Dorschel Toyota
    • Erie Station Business Park
    • Calkins Corporate Park
    • Park Grove Self Storage
    • Van Bortel Subaru
    • Dunn Tire Warehouse

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  • New Retail Business
    • PI Craft Pizza
    • Pigtails & Crewcuts
    • Scrubs & Beyond
    • SmashBurger
    • Starbucks (New Location)
    • Corelife Eatery
    • Osaka Sushi
    • Ridge Coin
    • An expansion of the Jefferson Road ALDI Store
    • Carter’s
    • OshKosh B’gosh
    • Skip’s Meat Market
    • ReStore – Habitat for Humanity

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  • Residential Projects
    • Fox Field Subdivision
    • Queens Park
    • Barberry Cove
    • East River Road Development @ Lehigh Apartments
    • Town Center Apartments
    • The Lodge – Student House

In a Community Divided, Nobody Wins

Speaking Out Essay

In a Community Divided, Nobody Wins

As a long-time resident of the town of Henrietta, I am appalled at the deceitful behavior of the Henrietta Democratic Committee and their candidates with regard to Town Supervisor Jack Moore.

Over the past few weeks, many allegations have been made about Mr. Moore’s character. Let me state, without any hesitation, that these allegations have not been anything more than a blatant manipulation of the facts and a distortion of the truth. Mr. Moore is not now, nor has he ever been a racist or sexist, as has been claimed. I say that with unwavering certainty because I could not support any individual who accepts and practices those beliefs. I have known Mr. Moore and the entire Moore family for more than 40 years. In all those years, I have witnessed their unselfish dedication to and support of all of the people of Henrietta.

It is noteworthy that the timing of this smear campaign is surfacing just before the November election. There is no doubt that this is the motivation behind it all. These accusations are not new, nor are the EEOC claims that were filed a number of years ago by a few disgruntled employees. The credibility of those making these allegations needs to be questioned. One is being charged with secretly recording conversations in the Henrietta Town Court and another was fired in 1994 (before Jack Moore was supervisor) and sued the town to be reinstated. The Democratic Committee and candidates have everything to gain and nothing to lose from this type of campaign, except for one thing—their integrity.

It is a travesty that all the deceitful rhetoric that is being driven by Mr. Moore’s accusers and local wannabe politicians is doing nothing more than tearing our community apart. I am hopeful that after the votes are in and the dust clears, we can heal the wounds and ease the pain that this conflict has caused and emerge a much stronger community. We owe it to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and to the future of Henrietta.


Guest Essayist

Resident of Henrietta
Henrietta Republican Committee Member

Available for Download, Speaking Out Essay October 2017